ALUMNI:  SPS is blessed with 2 generations of Alumni.

The 1st generation: 1978 – 1990 (12 pioneering students)

The 2nd generation: 2005 (5 pioneering students) – present

To date, SPS has  prepared 100+ high school graduates to become valuable citizens of our society.

2008: 2 graduates (Gloria Jebeh Haynes & Amir ________)

2009: 4 graduates: 1st   graduates to wear the “SPS gown”;   

           Valedictorian: Esther Jones

2010: (5); 1st  class to have Graduate Spotlight;                                                          

  Val: Brahm Dorko

2011: (11) “The Pacesetters” (1st class name &souvenir program with                            pictures; 1st to receive diploma covers)

                   Val: Korlah W.D. Dorko;

2012: (9); “Academic Giants” ; (1st class to take the Mock Wassec)

                  Val: Leah Stubblefield

2013: (21); “_______________” (1st class project)

          Val: Colletta Ledlum

2014 (__): “Absolute Overtakers” (1st class tshirt)

                  Val: Jay Dennis

2015: (17)  “Trojans”  (1st Class to wear black on Fridays)

                 Val: Cyrus  Mabande

2016: (18); “Dynasty”…..(1st class to compose their own class song)

         Val: Paul Triumphant Dunbar

2017: (23):  “Legends”…. (Largest graduating class)

           Val: Tomira Roberts